Monday, November 4, 2013


Happy Monday!

I hope everyone enjoyed their week and the extra hour of whatever!

Recently (Friday), we started to learn about our new skill focus for the next few weeks-visualizing! (One of my favorite skills to teach, because it is so much fun.)

Now, I usually introduce and practice a skill with picture books...but, well....I didn't think the kids would get as much out of it-since most of the pictures go along with the words!

I was going to make task cards with paragraphs on them from sections of picture book-but then a lightbulb went off.

Thank you to Teaching With A Mountain View (very cute free ones!) and Rachel Lynette for their very awesome task cards!

Today we sat down and talked about what visualizing was-and made an anchor chart together!
oops! I cut off the ear on the side..
I like it better than last year's chart...
So not as fun as the one above!
We also talked about how different people will 'see' something different-even if the sentence if the same!

I gave the example of:

The man wore an oversized gray coat.

Then I asked for students to tell what they saw when I said that sentence.

They all saw something different! And they were so descriptive when the were talking.

Then I showed them how to 'sketch' (not make a masterpiece!) what they saw and describe it using their writing.
Sorry for the brown coat-I didn't have a gray marker!
Mine was even different from all of theirs! Then we talked about using the 5 senses to help us really 'see' what is going on.

So far my kids are doing well-but this is a fun skill!

Here is one of my favorite Visualizing Organziers:
You can pick it up a Drive by clicking on the picture.

Here is another one that is more simple-before I got better at making these! ;)


Sweater/Pants: JCP
Shoes: DSW
Tank: Target


Sweater: Kohls
Jeans: JCP
Shoes: TJ Maxx

Monday (Today):

Sweater/Pants: JCP
Shoes: DSW

Smiles and Sunshine,

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