Friday, May 31, 2013

Target Score

I'm linking up with Whitney and Heidi for their We Love Target Linky

Today's Challenge: Favorite Score!

My absolute favorite thing from Target is.....

these tank tops.

As you can see, I have them in a lot of colors. :) If I see any more cute colors, I'll probably pick them up as well.

I wear tanks under everything, so I love the little peek of lace that they give-makes some of my outfits a little more dressy :)

My only complaint is that they come up a teensy bit high under the arms (for me...but at 5'2", I'm a little short :)

Some featured outfits with them:

Smiles and Sunshine,

School Supply List

Happy Friday!

Even though it was a short week, it still felt very long (i.e.-my kids didn't do well on a Causes of the American Revolution test, even though they could use their notebooks, so I came up with something to help them raise their grades. After they couldn't stop talking yesterday, I really yelled at them (mean yelling :( -the first time all year. But you better believe that I had the quietest class walking in the hallways for lunch :) I did kind of apologize after recess...they're a pretty good class :)

Diane at:

Fifth in the Middle

is having a cool school supply linky.

I've thought a lot about this for next year, especially since we get a set amount from the district to use for school supplies and our bid sheets have to be in at the end of June (last year it was $550 (I KNOW!!! :), but we haven't heard anything about it yet this year)

So the list that I will give the kids will be pretty simple-since I'll be able to buy most of it myself.

1 3-subject notebook (Wide Ruled)
1 pack of 24 colored pencils
2 packs of Post-Its
Glue Stick
1 pack of Binder Paper
Box of Tissues

~The 3-subject notebook is going to be our  like our Literacy Portfolio. One section will hold our vocabulary foldables for each week (we get five new words a week- we use Laura Candler's Foldable) The section second will be Reader Responses.

I'm undecided about the third section. I go between wanting Mentor Sentences (which if it doesn't go here will get it's own notebook) or doing something a la Book Whisperer and have them track their reading and responses to their independent books. Any helpful suggestions?

~ The pencils will be for the foldables and our notebooks and any coloring I give (I DO give coloring in 4th grade...color by the math problem answer!!)

~We'll be using post-it's a lot more in our reading...I started using them a little this year, but kind of lost track. I'll work hard to make sure we use them more effectively next year :)

~Binder paper will go into a class stock, and we will use for our spelling tests and writing.

Is quite a bit longer!

Class set of Composition Books-Math Notebooks (although I do have quite a bit stashed in the trunk of my car when they went on clearance last year 20 cents each!)

Class set of Notebooks-Social Studies (could be spiral bound)

Class set of Notebooks-Mentor Sentences (?)

Class set of 1/2 Composition Books-Numbers/Calendar Journal

Class set of 1/2 Composition Books-Word Work Responses

Class set of 24 pack of Crayons (part of my 'Whale'come gift to them ;)

Pencils, Pencils, Pencils (we have community pencils-although the previous teacher left quite a stash so I may not need to get any!)

More Post-its (for when they run out!)

Class set of 8-Pocket Portfolios (I'm going to try this instead of Writing Binders this year...after they finish, their writing will be moved to a folder, so they can see their progress)
In case you were curious what they looked like...I know I was!
Folders, Folders, Folders! (Take Home, Unfinished Work, etc)

BIG Glue-to refill the cute little glues :)

White Cardstock (for all the cool centers y'all make!)

Page protectors (so I can organize all those cool centers!)

Binders, Baskets (Organization!)

And I think that's it! Do you think it's enough ? ;)

Go link with with Fifth and the Middle (so I could get some more ideas!)

Have you entered?!!
Today's Outfit (very warm!)
 Dress: JCP
Shoes: Payless

I french-braided my hair...hoping it would stay all day (it's fairly fine, and only stays well when wet-and I did go prepared if it didn't!). I only had to rebraid it twice during the day...and the girls complimented me on my hair :)

Happy weekend!
Smiles and Sunshine,

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Target Shoes

I'm linking up with Whitney and Heidi for their We Love Target Linky

Today's Challenge: Shoes!

I love shoes. And I used to have a lot of Target shoes. But then my feet grew, and some got really worn, so they are now watching over me.

I really loved when Issac Mizrahi was designed shoes for Target...I had a couple pairs from him. :)

I do really like Target flip-flops...the strap between the toe is thin enough for me and some of them are just too cute.

My favorite pairs:

Blogger turned my picture for some reason....Sorry!

Today's Outfit

ummmm.....everything: Target! ;)
These red shoes are the same shoes as the purple ones above...I buy multiples :)

Smiles and Sunshine,

Poster Storage

If you're here because of the hamburger paragraph poster, can I suggest you click here to give you more information on how I teach and use it? :)

I'm linking up with Joy in the Journey and Compassionate Teacher for their Tricks on a Thursday  Linky.

Today's Topic: Poster Storage and Organization

Well, when I first walked into my classroom over the summer (and spent any significant time in there) I actually threw away most of the posters! Problem solved-end of post ;)

No, I really did have a plan :)

1. I have a SMART Board, so I'm able to pull up just about anything I want on it for the kids.

2. I think that the kids would get the most use out of stuff that we create together-so I equate posters to anchor charts.

So my 'posters' are separated into two categories- Reading and Writing.

Reading has a nice bulletin board spot, with cute glitter clips to hold them up. They are layered on top of one another, so kids can go back and reference them when needed.

My writing charts don't have such a fun home (although that will change for next year :). Right now, their home is on the whiteboard, help up with magnet men.

If I have a really good anchor chart that I want to keep for another year, I roll it up into a tube and paperclip each end.

Right now, they get shoved on a shelf in the closet, with no sense of organization. But I hope to change that over the summer :)

Guess what was waiting for me when I got the mail yesterday?

Some books! I'm participating in Primary Inspired book study this summer, and the other three are holes that I found after I bought Jivey's Mentor Sentences (2 were used-fulfilled by Amazon, 1 new...and another one was $.01 (+$3.99 shipping) that I'm still waiting on). I love new books! :)

Have you entered?!!
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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Target Accessory

I'm linking up with Whitney and Heidi for their We Love Target Linky
(and yes, I know it's my 3rd post of the day...the 1st one doesn't count because it's a giveaway, and I've been separating out the fashion from the education, so fashion people don't have to read about teaching (if they don't want to) and vice versa :)
Today's Challenge: Accessory!

One of my very favorite accessories (aside from shoes which will be tomorrow!) that I got from Target is a statement necklace that I picked up this winter.

 I love pearls (and in fact, have many pearl necklaces of different kids and colors), so for me, having a big necklace like this wasn't a big stretch. Plus, I already had earrings that matched it almost perfectly. :) (I love when stuff like that happens!)

 Here it is in use today:

Sweater: Target
Shirt: JCP
Tank: Target
Pants: NY & Co
Shoes: DSW

Smiles and Sunshine,

Workshop Wednesday: Persuasive Writing

Happy Wednesday!
Workshop Wednesday Time with Jivey!
This week: Persuasive/Opinion/Argumentative Writing.

I first taught persuasive writing to my kids while we were learning our fact and opinion reading strategy (good planning LBD!).

So the two went hand in hand. :)

I modeled some really good persuasive writing using these two books:
I read I Wanna Iguana first, and we talk about some of the things Alex did to try and convince his parents. Then we create an anchor chart!
We read I Wanna New Room to check to make sure that our traits our correct (and because it's fun!).

I've also found some really good SMART Board files on SMART Exchange that explain it really well.

After I've modeled using the SMART Board files, I give them an organizer than mimics the one I did:

Click me to grab!

Easy 3 paragraph persuasive/opinion writing :)

How do you persuade?

Have you entered?!!
Smiles and Sunshine,

Smiles and Sunshine is 1!! Giveaway

Happy Birthday to me!!
Border from Dots of Fun: Clipart by The 3AM Teacher & Melonheadz: Fonts by Rowdy in Room 300, Kevin & Amanda and Jen Jones.

It's hard to believe that is has been a year since I started blogging. To celebrate, I have gotten some awesome and amazing bloggers to help out with a giveaway.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Target Bottoms

I'm linking up with Whitney and Heidi for their We Love Target Linky
Today's Challenge: Bottoms

Not a problem, because I love these skirts. I have them in three different colors (and I would probably get more if I didn't think it would be just a teensy bit excessive :) khaki, magenta and blue (although it looks more teal to me).

I love that they are lined, I love that they have pockets, and I love that they are under $25!

Today's Outfit:

Top & Sweater: Maurices
Skirt: Target
Shoes: Famous Footwear

Other Target skirt examples:

Smiles and Sunshine,

Monday, May 27, 2013

Next Year, I Will...

Some things this year went well...and some didn't. Kim at Finding JOY in 6th Grade is having a cool linky about things we'll change for next year.

 I'm pretty sure that I want my kids to keep track of their test scores, MAP scores and progress. When I told them their increases in their MAP scores (which made this teacher very happy! :), they got so excited.
I want them to be more responsible for their progress, and strive to do better.

 This was my first year doing Notebooks with the kids (and in almost every subject!). I definitely want to use my Math Journals/Notebooks more...We're lucky if we do an entry a month (sad and pathetic!). I also want to have them do the left side reflection like Runde's Room...I think they will get more out of it.

Right now, I only have a 30 minute whole group lesson to cover reading, word work, fluency, writing and grammar! (per our Literacy Series) I definitely want to reorganize better so I am able to teach this better...and I think adding Mentor Sentences will help immensely!

Guided Reading right now is a little haphazard. I'm definitely taking the summer to think about how to plan, and to find/make a plan sheet that works for me. I'm all good on the anecdotal notes, but I want my instruction to be a little more focused!

What will you do differently next year?

Coming Soon:
Border from Dots of Fun: Clipart by The 3AM Teacher & Melonheadz: Fonts by Rowdy in Room 300, Kevin & Amanda and Jen Jones.
Come back on Wednesday and see what cool prizes I have in store!

Smiles and Sunshine,

Target Tops

Happy Memorial Day!

I'm linking up with Whitney and Heidi for their We Love Target Linky (boy do I!!)

I wore this last week to our field trip-one of the only times I will wear sneakers (Field Day is the other exception). My kids were amazed (I never wear sneakers). One of my girls said it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to see me in sneakers (yes, yes it is :)

The t-shirt is one of the boyfriend tees-I have them in many colors. Same with the lace tank underneath :)

Shirt, Tank: Target
Capris: Kohls
Sneakers: DSW? (I think...they're almost 10 years old (I think)...they get worn MAYBE 3 times a year :)

Smiles and Sunshine,

Friday, May 24, 2013

Decimal Review Fun

Happy Friday and 3 day weekend! (for those of us who are still in school! :)

My kids have been rocking the decimal work lately (partly in fact to this calendar, seriously, peeps, if you have a SMART Board, this is well worth the kids Math MAP scores went up an average to 10 + points...well worth it!!!) and we've come to the end of our unit.

I wanted to review what we went over before I gave the test-make sure that they remember everything we've covered!

I also wanted to make it fun for them!

Enter: Centers!!

I took some of the centers that we didn't use during our decimal work, and we are using them to review instead!

Almost all of my math centers (and all of the ones you'll see here) come from the amazing, the wonderful, the talented Jennifer Findley. Her centers are bundled together in themes with such cute clipart. Everything is CC aligned and super reasonably priced.

These are the ones we used today:

 We are reviewing ordering decimals, comparing decimals, adding and subtracting decimals and recognizing decimals and how to write them in all their forms.

I thought this would be a one day activity, but I took a little too long teaching about the 2nd Continental Congress and the Declaration of Independence today (oops!), so we will continue on Tuesday.

The kids really enjoyed it! They love it when we do 'unconventional' work (I tested them on topics in this way as well).

They were a little bummed when I said it was time to go to gym :) But they cheered when I said we would finish on Tuesday.

Today's Outfit:

Shirt: Burlington Coat Factory
Jeans: JCP
Shoes: Endless

~My 1 year blogiversary is coming up! (hard to believe!) Does anyone want to help me with a giveaway? If you do, please email me (or leave a comment) ASAP. Thanks in advance!

Happy Weekend!

Smiles and Sunshine,