Saturday, May 11, 2013

New Year, New Gear

The school year is drawing to a close...although not as quickly for me as some of you (June 21st is our last day)!

I always start reflecting at this time...what worked well, what didn't, what do I need to change.

Part of that is thinking ahead to the school supplies I'll want to have for the students next year.

And, lucky me- Pinkadots Elementary is having a cute linky!

1) Notebooks!

We used this a lot this year and I have plans to adjust them for next year! Right now, my kids have a Writing Journal, Math Notebook, Social Studies Notebook and Reading Notebook.

It's a lot! I'm planning on having them get a 3-Subject Notebook (Writing Journal and Reading Notebook Combined and adding Mentor Sentences!).

I'll pick up a Math Notebook and Social Studies Notebook for them (adjusting how we do them a little). I'll also want to get them a 1/2 book as a 'Numbers Notebook' for them to record numbers and factors with our calendar (it's amazing...well worth the investment if you have a SMART Board!)

2) Post-Its!

I love using the flags to have them mark important info while reading, as well as using them for quick assessment checks.

AND, since I just bought this:
I'll need different sizes and we'll use them more than ever!

3) Mr. Sketch Markers and Chart Paper!

 I write a message to my kids every morning, and I also use it to create anchor charts-so this is a definite for me!

4) Teachers Pay Teachers!

 There is always something I forget that we're doing, or a student will need a new center...something! This has come in very handy ever since I discovered it a year and a half ago (I can't believe it's been that long!).

5) YOU!

I've gotten so many wonderful ideas, strategies, tips and tricks just from reading blogs. I 'stalked' for about 6 months before starting my own, and I only hope that I have inspired some of you has many of you have inspired me!

What are some things on your list?

Smiles and Sunshine,


  1. I too am adding Mentor Sentences to my curriculum and notebooks next year! Can't wait to see what you do.



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