Monday, May 6, 2013

In My Cart

So I've heard some rumors about some big sale going on this week.... :)

Fifth in the Middle is having an awesome "What's in Your Cart Linky"

Now my cart isn't completely full (I set a budget, and fill my cart up to the budget point), but I have moved some things over from my wishlist to my cart.

1. Jivey's Mentor Sentences Unit

2. Miss Nannini's Analyzing Characters Pack

3. Joanne's Reading with Post-Its

4.Krista Wallden's Borders MEGA Pack 2

Any other suggestions? ;)

I also want to share the new shoes I got...they are SO cute! (and they were in my cart at one point...;)

How fun are they! They're also super comfortable, and can be worn with so many things.

Today's Outfit:

Sweater: JCP
Shirt: Kohls
Skirt: Target
Shoes: DSW

For the rest of this week, my kids will be working hard on the Science NECAP test. 4th grade in our state gets tested on Science...with two days of questions, and one day of inquiry.

The inquiry has the kids doing an experiment and then analyzing the results. We did a practice on Friday and today. We also talked a lot about the scoring, and how to write a good answer.  I only hope they remember!

Smiles and Sunshine,

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  1. Hooray!!! ;-)

    I can't even begin to look at my cart. There's so much. Guess I better start........
    ideas by jivey
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