Saturday, May 4, 2013

Story Mountain

Happy Weekend!

One of my favorite lessons this week was teaching the kids about Story Mountain (otherwise known as Plot Mountain :).

I wanted to introduce them to the structure of a story...and the story we were reading in our books this week was perfect! (The Forest Has Eyes-in our LBD Source Books)

So I pulled out the Story Mountain chart (I made this one last year, and loved it so much that I kept it)
After I reviewed the elements of the story structure, I read a very good book...

The Sand Castle Contest by Robert Munsch
When I finished the story, we plotted out the story. I had the kids 'walk' up and down the mountain, while I wrote what they said on post-its and attached it to the chart.

We reviewed by climbing the mountain, and making sure that everyone agreed on the elements that we had chosen. Thumbs Up!

I sent them back to read the story and plot it on a worksheet (a co-worker gave it to me last follows the mountain directly!)

I have to go back to my hometown (boy, do I miss the convenience of all the stores there!) today because my car is getting it's 60,000 mile check-up (hopefully it's not sick! ;), so I'm spending part of the day with my mom and running some errands at stores I don't have over here.

This means that I had to actually get dressed in real clothes and not spend the day in PJ pants :) An extra outfit for you!

Sweater, Jeans: JCP
Shirt, Tank: Old Navy
Shoes: Target

It's fairly nice out today, which I'm so happy about after such a bad winter. Mr. Sun, we appreciate you so please keep coming back!

Have a happy Saturday!

Smiles and Sunshine,

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