Thursday, May 23, 2013

Field Trips

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Today's Topic: Field Trips!

Ironically, we went on a field trip today! :)

We went to a local fort to see what life was like in 'olden times'.

As a newbie in this school, I don't have anything to do with scheduling :) (although that may change!)

In our 4th grade, we take two trips-one to this fort (spring) and one to our State House and Capital  (Hello Gov'nr!) (fall)!

Since we (they) live in the middle of almost no-where, it takes us about 2 hours to get to either of these places.

Meaning the kids have to come to school early (before 8-we usually have them coming in at 8:30-8:45), so we can leave early.

Good thing? Field trips take all day :)

Bad thing? This year's 4th grade class is so small we all go on one bus (yippee skippee!) 46 kids plus 12ish adults.

To organize for a field trip, I collect their permission slips and stack them in alpha order (also their number order). They get papercliped together and put on my desk (I'm a piler....but I can find everything!)

Usually the field trips cost $5 to cover things. If the kids don't come in with the money, I write NO MONEY in pencil on the top of their field trip form. When they bring it it, I erase it.

All money goes into a large envelope. When I have everyone's (or most everyone's) I turn it into my teamie in charge of the field trip-who then turns it in to the office.

Since we get back so late-about 15 minutes before dismissal-I just bring the kids up to the room, and have them work on Thank You notes while I read a story.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy days!

Since we live in the middle of almost nowhere, we do some virtual field trips.

I highly recommend Scholastic's Webcasts! They have something for everyone, and their webcasts are about a 1/2 hour long.

They have an author talk with JK Rowling, a tour of the Smithsonian American History Museum and more!

What do you do for field trips?

Wednesday's Outfit

Dress: Target
Sweater: Maurices
Shoes: Payless

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  1. A field trip TODAY? What great timing :) Great minds think alike! 2 hours each way? Wow, that's A LOT of bus time - I applaud you for your bravery :)
    I love Scholastic's virtual field trips - we did the Smithsonian one this year. An interview with JK Rowling? I have GOT to check that out :)

    Thanks for linking up, Kaitlyn!

    And I would LOVE to help out in your giveaway!

    Joy in the Journey

  2. I like the idea of writing NO MONEY on the specific forms. That would be an easy way to keep track of who still owed money.

    Also, I am impressed that you survived a 2 hour bus ride with that many people on board! I get exhausted after only a 20 minute ride!

    Thanks for linking up!

    Compassionate Teacher


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