Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Workshop Wednesday: Holiday Writing

Happy Wednesday! Only 3 (2 if you're not counting today!) days until break!

Time for one of my favorite link-ups, Workshop Wednesday!
This week we are talking about our favorite holiday writing.

One of my very favorite things do write with kids is poetry. It's quick(er), easy for most kids and they can be so creative!

I bought this last year during Cyber Monday-as a last minute addition to my cart, and boy am I glad that I did!

My kids have loved it, and I have loved seeing the writing that has come out of them.

One of my very favorite holiday products...Nicole Shelby's Holiday Sensory Detail Poems!

Holiday Sensory Detail Poems
My kids get so creative with this!

We start out by brainstorming different things about the holiday season using our 5 senses.

Then, we revise our poem, adding in details, adjectives, figurative language, etc.

After that, I should them how to be 'conference buddies' by reading a friends poem and asking about the parts that confused me and maybe adding in some extra details.

They did great!

 After a friend conference, I checked them over and then they could publish-having a choice of some of the many papers that are included in this pack! (It's a bargain for the amount of things and enjoyment!)

Look at all that revising!
This one is my's so descriptive and vivid!

This is another fun one!

Another one of my very favorite holiday/seasonal writings is Snowmen Shouldn't!
Snowmen Shouldn't...
This was one of my very first purchases from Lesson Plan SOS (who is now split into two...Simply Sweet Lessons has this one)

It's a creative writing story about the things that snowmen shouldn't do...and the things that happen when they do!

I have the kids brainstorm  5 things snowmen shouldn't do and plan out their favorite one.

They always come up with the cutest things!

This one is one of my favorites that is done...
It has a ton of voice! (and minor errors...but look at that voice!)

These are some very fun, creative ways to keep the kids attention during these crazy days-and have their creativity bloom!

Smiles and Sunshine,


  1. These look like great writing activities for keeping students engaged that last week before holiday break! (...and I love anything Nicole Shelby creates, don't you?) :)
    Crafting Connections

  2. These are great!! I love the poem saying "people dodging the mistletoe"- how clever!! :) thanks for linking up!


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