Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Workshop Wednesday: Figurative Language

Happy Wednesday!

I'm having our first snow day of the school year-and writing this, I'm watching 8-14 inches of snow fall outside! (Good call school district! They called it last night-which I love! No alarm! :)

Time for some fun with Jivey!
This week's topic is figurative language. I LOVE figurative language and teaching it to the kids. I think it makes their writing so much more interesting-and the kids really get in to it.

This year, I taught it a little easier than usual-thanks to Mentor Sentences! But I love it, because now, in every since piece of writing, I can saw to throw some figurative language in there! (Even our how-to's...I saw a lot of whooosh! and snip, snip, snip!)

Even more important, figurative language is fun for the kids-they love playing with it!

This year, I started off by making an anchor chart-to keep all types in one place, so if they need a reminder, they know where to look.
I know, I forgot Alliteration-I don't know what I was thinking!
That day, we focused heavily on similes and metaphors-they got a piece of paper to write a simile on one side and a metaphor on the other-and illustrate it! They were too funny! Then we focused on doing Nicole Shelby's Language Notebook entry for similes and metaphors.

We do a lot of poetry in my room-so we are always adding in some figurative language to out poetry.

We'll also do some practicing with Joy in the Journey's figurative language task cards. She has similes and metaphors, personification, hyperbole, idioms...they so cute and amazing!

 I spread them all around the room, and have the kids rotate through-they love any chance to sprawl on the floor!

I also found a wonderful game on SMART Exchange-figurative language football

You divide them up into teams, they choose a football- and if the they can answer the question then they move however many yards on the question. My kids had a blast with it last year-we played it quite a few times (although they knew the answers by the end-they still had a lot of fun!)

As you can tell, we spend a lot of time on it, and use it as much as possible! Good thing they enjoy it so much!

Stuck under Snow,


  1. I am so glad mentor sentences are helping you teach them!! I love that I get to do figurative language all year too!! :) :) Thanks so much for linking up! :) Enjoy your snow day- I might be a tad bit jealous. I love the beach in the summer, but man I love me some snow too.......

  2. Thank you so much for sharing the SMART Exchange lesson. I am going to have to use that soon.

  3. Lots of resources! I love when they illustrate similes and metaphors-it's always hysterical! And, I love teaching figurative language for the same reason-it's fun and is a quick way to spice up their writing!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  4. Thank you for all the great resources! Figurative language is one of my favorite things to teach. I just love to see what the students come up with.

    I hope you enjoyed your snow day. I had one as well. I got a lot accomplished. We have a two hour delay tomorrow which means I can sleep in a little.

    Fit to be Fourth


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