Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Workshop Wednesday: Geometry

Happy Wednesday!
Today's topic: Geometry!

Geometry is one of my very favorite math topics to teach, because most kids do very well with geometry (and it's a nice break from all that computational math!).

I also love geometry because it does very well with foldables!

Now, I will admit that these pictures are from last year-because we haven't reached geometry yet.

I don't know when we will reach it. I am so behind in this pilot that it is not even funny. Of course, they put geometry at the end of everything (not sandwiched in between multiplication/division and fractions like I like to do) and we are just finishing up our division (and we're rushing a little). Ack! Magic needs to happen! (I just have to get out my wand! ;)

So-onto fun geometry foldables!
 This one talks about shape transformations-it was one of my very first pins! (But my pin is now a broken link :(

 Shape prefix definitions! (Original idea here)

 Triangle types! (Original idea here)

Line foldables! (my own ah-ha moment!)

After we learned all about geometry, we had kind of a unique test (at least for these kids!) I used task cards to test their knowledge! (which I think they loved, because hello?! they got to sprawl on the floor!)

Smiles and Sunshine,


  1. Your foldables look great Kaitlyn! And, I agree, geometry is a nice break and the kids love it!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  2. Love foldables!! They are engaging and interactive!! Thank you for some great new ones to add to my collection!


  3. My kids love geometry too! The foldables look great! Thanks for linking up!


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