Saturday, June 28, 2014

Historical Society Workshop

Oh. My. Word.

I just spent two days at one of the most interesting and informative workshops I have ever been to.

My teamies and I went to a workshop at our local historical society about the American Revolution in our area.

We learned SO much!

Not only was it about the resources they have and what primary sources can be used for in our classrooms, they also had sessions about things that most of us don't think about-like how was the experience for the Loyalists? the Slaves? What the cause really was of the American Revolution (slavery had a big part to do with it-it wasn't necessarily about taxation without representation-more about local control-something that still pops up today!)

We also went to the local tavern (that's now a museum!) and learned about the family and what life was like. 

It was such a cool experience! (Plus, my commute was only 5 minutes (that NEVER happens for workshops), it was only $40, plus I get PD credit, as well as credit to move on the pay scale (of course, it will be less than half an hour of pay scale credit-but not every district does this, and eventually, if I get up to 15 hours, I can slide over :)

Check out all the information we learned about!

Some information is classified and has been redacted :)

I HIGHLY recommend that you check out your local historical society. They probably have things for teachers (ours has some Wonder Boxes (hands on) in addition to lesson plans), as well as workshops for you!

They're also a good resource if you are doing your own genealogy, as well as having some (probably) fascinating information about where you live!

Smiles and Sunshine,

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  1. What a great idea! I teach SS/ELA all day long so this is perfect for me!
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