Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Modeling Division (with regrouping!)

We've started wading our way through long division-a little earlier than I like, but I'm 'following' the program (Math in Focus-this is our first year with it!)

One thing I do like about it is how I'm teaching them long division to start with-with my favorite tool from MiF-the place value chips!

So far, we are three days into it.

The first day, we talked about what division was, and I modeled it on the board with the e-tools.
I had the kids following along a bit, and we also did some discussion of the groups and the process.

The next day, we sat in a circle-in clock partners- and we worked through the problems together.
 First, we just did the problems by moving the chips on the charts.
 Then, I had them start writing the algorithm while they did it, so they would have practice with it. 

The last few problems they did on their own.

On our third day, they worked in clock partners again, but no help from me.

This allowed me to supervise groups and pull students who I noticed didn't get it the day before.

Next up-doing it without the place value chips! I know some kids are ready for it-but it can still be a little nerve wracking!

When do you teach long division?

Smiles and Sunshine,

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