Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Math Is Real Life-Crochet Concerns

Happy Wednesday!

This month, I'm linking up with the Math is Real Life ladies.

I'm a big crafter-especially crochet.

One of my co-workers is expecting, and I wanted to make her a blanket (I am making her a blanket!).

However, I was unsure which yarn I wanted to use/buy (I need new yarn for almost every project! ;), so I whipped up a couple of samples using different yarns and different sized hooks.
Now, I knew I was going to make a rainbow blanket, and have 24 rows (either 4 repeats of 6, or 3 repeats of 8-hey, look! Multiplication!! :), but I need to measure each so that I would have an idea of how big 24 rows would be.

First, I measure the strips across.

*Warning-the following 2 pictures are for demonstration purposes only. Real measurements were taken with a clear ruler as students were getting ready for the bus line. ;) *
Then, I measured vertically (know that I had done 10 'sets'-it would give me an approximation of how many sets I needed to do for length)
Once I had done that for each sample, I was able to write down the measurements for each sample and do a little figuring.
I figured out how many 24 rows would be for each set, as well as how many 'sets' of petals I would have to do.

The stickies (and the samples!) came with me to the yarn store-where more math happened!

Some of the yarn was on sale-and some was not :(.

Stinks to be me, but the favorite yarn I love to use on projects like this was NOT on sale. So I went with a mix of mostly on sale yarn, with two colors of not on sale yarn that I couldn't find matches for.

I managed to get a nice rainbow mix for under $25 (with teacher discount!).
So it'll be 3 repeats of 8 for this baby blanket! :)

Smiles and Sunshine,

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  1. Do you do custom orders?! I'm so in love with these colors and I LOOOVE a good blanket! Thanks so much for linking up!

    Jamie aka MissMathDork!


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