Thursday, May 31, 2012

? and a Linky

So I had a really cute background from Designs by Dani, but it disappeared (as well as her button). Does anyone know why?

UPDATE: So I managed to create something similar (I'll play with it a little more this weekend), but I would still love an answer to my question if you have one! And it's back (that's all right, now I have a vague idea on how to make my own if I every want to change it)!

Anyway, I am linking up with Kelley from Teacher Idea Factory on things that I couldn't live without.

1) Chart Paper and Mr. Sketch Markers...I write a letter to my kids every morning love using the different colors! It is also good for anchor charts :)

2)  Post-its! I use these a lot to write little notes to myself (as well as putting on our copies for the volunteers to do), and I teach the kids to use them while reading to hold their thinking.

3) Scholastic! I LOVE books and not only am I a voracious reader, I try to encourage my kids to read as much as possible (although I think some of them are payback for I was a student and read through the teaching...some of them are doing it to me now! ;) I also have a subscription to Scholastic Printables, which I think is WELL worth the price...I use it almost every day to supplement (Plus, you get 500 Bonus Points for singing up and who doesn't want that!?).
I also love binders and pages protectors, and everything is organized through that...but more on that later. :)

Smiles and Sunshine,


  1. Hi! I also use a blog template from Designs by Dani. Mine disappeared last night, but it just came back about 5 minutes ago. I tried everything and was working on a new template when it reappeared. Hopefully, yours will reappear soon. :)

    On another note, I love Scholastic too! I didn't order as much this year, but I have big plans for next year. :)

    Mrs. Lattin's Kindergarten

  2. Yeah! Yours is back too! Just as I commented, your blog came back!


    1. I redid...I actually had made my own using her tutorials, so now I have scrap kits if I ever want to change. :) Thanks for commenting!

  3. You did a great job! I bought the scrap kit that goes with my blog too. :)


  4. Thank you so much for linking up! Chart paper is a must-have for sure. I go through that stuff like crazy. Thanks again for joining. Have a fabulous weekend :)

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory


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