Friday, June 1, 2012

Book Leveling

So as the year is coming to an end (and I have to pack up everything and move), I find myself looking over my library.  Now, I've taught Kindergarten for two years, as well as working in first, so I have a pretty extensive picture book library (think 2+  18-gallon totes full!). One of the things I did during summer after my first year of teaching, was to level all of my picture books.

Now, I've amassed a lot of chapter books this year, but I just sorted them into categories and tried to get them out to the kids as quickly as possible so they had something to read.

I thought that since I was moving to a new district/school that actually does Guided Reading the correct way (with leveled groups reading at their level) instead of just calling Guided Reading (having kids read grade level books, all at the same time, never mixed according to level), that I would take the opportunity to level my new chapter book library (which all arrived this year via Scholastic! :).

What I usually do is use Scholastic Book Wizard (it's the third icon on the left side going down). I just type in the name of the book or author, and it will pop up. You can search using Grade Levels, Guided Reading Levels, DRA,  and Lexiles. I usually search Guided Reading Levels and put the equivalent grade level in my books as well. Sometimes, if the book doesn't show up (which can happen) I try the author instead. Also, some books will only have say, Lexile Levels or Grade Levels. I have this awesome chart that helps me find the equivalents for that.

For each book, I put my name in the upper left hand corner on the front cover. The Guided Reading Level and Grade Equivalent go in the bottom left hand this (Ignore the fingers :) : 

I have this AWESOME leveling chart, that has all the levels and the equivalents (go ahead, click on it! It's awesome isn't it?)

I have a more basic chart hung by my library, and I tell the kids their levels, so they know what books will be a really good fit for them. Of course, if they want to read a higher book or a lower book, I don't discouraged them, I'm happy they're reading.

I hope you found this helpful!
Smiles and Sunshine,

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  1. how do you level the kids into GRL? Our school is using lexile. I have never been trained in the GRL system. How do I know which kids should read which level of books?


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