Friday, June 22, 2012

Finding a Home

So as y'all know, I am looking for a place to live. However, I haven't had much luck, as the western part of the state is more scenic (as in not a lot of towns, or very small towns), and there haven't been a lot of listings in my price range (hopefully under $850 VERY max $900-the place will have to be gorgeous and have tons of amenities for $900).  I saw one place that said it was spacious 1 bedroom and well, let's just say my classroom was bigger than this place (plus the fact there was like no light, slightly dilapidated and very small rooms. You couldn't fit a couch in the living, people, that's how small it was!)

I've called a couple of places with no return calls, so I called a realtor in the area to help me find a place to live. I have an appointment on Monday to see 5 places! Has anyone ever used a realtor to help them find an apartment? I'm a little nervous because I will have to pay them a commission (1 months rent) for helping me find a place. If I were staying in the area I am in now, or even moving closer to my former school, I would have no problem finding a place on my own, because that is where most of the population lives and there are loads of listings on Craig's List. I just wish this process was a little easier. :( 

Hopefully this will be successful and I'll have a place to live!

Last Friday was the last day of school for the kiddos. They went to their 5th grade teachers (I had 3 criers), I went up to the teacher's room, did their cum folders and chatted with some peeps. We came back, they watched some movies and then we had our goodbye assembly.

I actually got a flower from the Sunshine Committee, (although it's starting to go already...maybe I have a black thumb?), since I was not coming back next year.

Shrug: Kohls
Shirt: NY & Co
Tank: Target
Skirt: Old Navy
Shoes: Endless

I got these shoes the day before, and just had to wear them! They are cute, comfortable and go with practically everything!

Smiles and Sunshine,

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  1. Good luck finding a place! Moving is the worst, believe me, I know. I'm packing up my apartment right now. Hope it all works out. Oh, and cute shoes!

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