Friday, June 29, 2012

Fiction Friday

I'm linking up today with Amanda over at The Teaching Thief for her Fiction Fridays. I'm a big reader myself, and try to encourage my kids to read as much as possible.

For my first recommendation, I'm going with an oldie, but goodie. I read this one to my students at the beginning of the year, and made constant references to it during lessons. They loved it!

Peter tells the tale of living with his little brother, Fudge, and the interesting things that happen when Fudge gets an idea in his head (like cutting his hair, or eating things he shouldn't). A great read for the beginning of the year (or any time!).  I did read the others in the series as well, and they enjoyed it greatly!

This one was suggested to me by one of the Special Education teachers I'd worked with. I thought it was an excellent book, though I would recommend it for grades 5+ (some 4th grades might be able to understand it)
This story is told by Caitlin's point of view. She lost her brother in a school shooting and she is now having some difficulties adjusting because she as Asperger's, and he was the one who could reach her and explain things in a way she could understand. This story chronicles how she is able to heal, and in turn, heal the community.

Both of these are great reads and I recommend both of them! Happy Reading!!

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  1. I love Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. I read it in the beginning of the school year to my 4th graders! They are always in awe at the trouble Fudge gets into.

    Fourth Grade Garden

  2. Hi Kaitlyn! Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing is one of my favorites. Great book choice! Mockingbird sounds really intense, but very good. Thanks for linking up!!!

    The Teaching Thief

  3. I LOVE the Fudge series. Just read Fudge-a-Mania with a few of my high first graders this year. Since I'm moving up to fourth year, I'm thrilled that I can read "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing" with them. I just started following your blog to get more ideas for 4th- you have some great stuff on here.:) I started in fifth, but I'm feeling a little rusty after being in primary the past 3 years.;)

    iTeach 1:1


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