Wednesday, June 20, 2012

All the Books

Remember yesterday when I visited my school and saw my classroom? I also visited my mentor and got the lowdown on some things (we are going to have a new principal (he's the one that hired me) and she did say that a lot of things are probably going to change), as well as some books.

Take a look!

This is the stack of books I brought home!

This is the Math curriculum...has anyone used this? I'm not really impressed with it so far, and am thinking of doing some sort of Math Workshop with it. I have an hour to teach Math, and am thinking of doing something similar to what I did last year (we used Four Frames). Any suggestions?

This is the new Literacy Curriculum. Everyone is starting it this year, so there will be lots of trainings! The Writing is aligned with 6 Traits (LOVE!) and when we get it, it will be Common Core aligned. 
The spelling curriculum, we aren't going to use the one associated with the Literacy Curriculum step at a time!

The best part...I have $550 to spend on school supplies for the year! (Although I can't buy anything from Really Good Stuff using the school money). This catalouge and Calloway House are going to be perused V-E-R-Y carefully, so I can squeeze as much stuff out of my money as possible!

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Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. Wow...550 big ones!! That sucks you can't use Really Good Stuff.. I live out of that catalog! My school just adopted enVision for math last year and we don't have a basal series anymore for reading. We are doing Reading with Meaning along with our guided reading. We do Words Their Way for spelling (I love it!) At least you were able to get your materials early! Have fun shopping!!

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