Thursday, December 6, 2012


Have you ever felt like you were running around like a chicken with its head cut out? Or you hit the ground running, and there simply hasn't been enough time to catch up? Well, guess how my week has been since I got back.

I walked into my room Wednesday morning, and an astonishing site met my eyes. Furniture was moved around, my desk area (and some of my kids desks) were not cleaned up, and there was NO FEEDBACK!

Needless, to say, about 5 minutes after I got into my room, I happened to run into my princpal. He told me that he had some concerns about my sub, and without me even really knowing what went on ('cause hello, no feedback!), I agreed (just based on the state of my room.).

Come to find out, it was worst than I thought. Even more fun, the sub came to the school to give me feedback on my class (which in my opinion, was a little inappropriate, and after the sub was done, also unprofessional), and then questioned some of my teaching practices and student learning ability.

Needless to say, this sub (hopefully, my principal says the sub won't be) will not be back in the building. I'm actually glad to have a principal back my up on this, because when I've told other principals I've been uncomfortable with a sub, nothing has really happened.

I was a tad upset that my plans were not followed (especially since I had a formal observation today...more on that in a little bit!), since they were extremely detailed (10 pages!), and according to my principal, some of the best sub plans that he has seen!! :) (Something good had to come out of this right!).

So I spent yesterday reteaching some things, and organizing, but I still don't feel that I had gotten enough done (we had a staff meeting which took up a lot of time, and I needed to leave by 4:30).

Today I had a PLC meeting first thing, my observation and then a Report Card Committee meeting right after school.

So my plans are nowhere near done for next week, grading is piling up again, and I'll be spending some time after school tomorrow fixing that. TGIF!

Now, after my rant expression of feelings, onto my observation! (Thank you to all that had me in your thoughts!)

I think it went well. He watched my do whole group literacy, and then the start of a Guided Reading group. I was expecting him there for 45 minutes to an hour, but he only stayed for about 30. I'm taking it as a good sign! The kids were well-behaved (they usually are! :), and most of them were right on point. Hopefully the feedback will be as good as I want it. :)

Yesterday's Outfit

Sweater, Top & Pants: JCPenny
Tank: Target
Shoes: Endless/Amazon

The sweater came off within 5 minutes of being at room is hot! Although it went back on during recess duty, and on the way home :)

Today's Outfit
Sweater: Kohls
Tank: Old Navy
Pants: JCPenny
Shoes: DSW

Now, I've worn these shoes lots of times, but for some reason, everyone noticed them today and complimented me on them. Go figure!

I still feel like a chicken, but the weekend will be here soon, so hopefully I can recalibrate so I don't feel like I'm running with no end in sight. Happy (almost) Friday!

Smiles and Sunshine,

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  1. Hi Kaitlyn! I am your newest follower! I feel your pain when it comes to subs. We had a half day of professional develpopment and when I went to relieve the sub and take the class back over, I had 5 kids with icepacks and 4 major write ups! Yikes! Apparently my classroom management was better than I realized because they were terrible for the sub. I teach inner city so they were just showing their "true colors."

    Stop on by and visit my blog if you have a chance!



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