Tuesday, December 4, 2012



The conference I went to was AWESOME! (well, except for one session that was almost exactly like another workshop I'd already gone to and I was expecting something a little different.) I've come away with lots of cool ideas, book recommendations, tips and tricks to try.

Seriously, if you have the opportunity to see Annemarie Johnson or Lee Anne Coester in a workshop/conference, do it! They are both wonderful presenters who gave lots of practical tips and tricks to use in the classroom.

Trio of Outfits

Shirt: Old Navy
Tank & Shoes: Target
Jeans: JCPenny

This was Sunday's outfit on my way to my parents (they lived 20 minutes away from the conference site, as opposed to the close to 2 hours I live).
Shirt: Old Navy
Tank: Target
Jeans: JCPenny
Shoes: Endless

This was Monday's outfit...the first day of the conference.

Shirt, Tank & Shoes: Target
Jeans: JCPenny

Ignore the darker spots...it was raining when I unloaded the car!
And I promise that this shirt is darker (think royal blue) than the shirt above (more of a teal/blue-green color), they just didn't photograph well. :)

In other news, I finished my formal observation lesson plans, emailed them to my mentor and got her okay. I'll turn them in first thing when I go in tomorrow (this was a complete surprise, he came to me Friday afternoon and said we needed to talk (and then I was like "Uh-oh. What did I do" (Well, not really, it was stronger language than that :), but he just wanted to set up a Formal for this week)

I have a lot packed into them, and I'm hoping it goes well. I'll let you know :) (We use Danielson's model for evaluation, and I'm hoping to get more Proficients than Basics (say a 70/30 split)).

Smiles and Sunshine,

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