Thursday, March 27, 2014

Perfecting Paragraphs: Day 3

This is Day 3 of my Perfecting Paragraphs series.
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On Day 3 (which we split into two days), we worked on yet another picture. This time, I put the picture up on the board and had the students take their notes.

After the initial note-taking, we talked about what they noticed in the picture, and zoomed in a different parts of it.

So if the students who didn't have the best notes got a chance to add to their notes, and see what they might have needed to add.

I gave them about 15-20 minutes to write their paragraphs.

Then I gathered them all up, and went through them.

I picked a couple to really focus on-some that were really good examples, some that needed a little work.

(Day 3.5) I typed them up on the computer-so we could all see them.
As a class, we went through them and talked about what the student could improve on, and what they did well.

(I did check with the kids if it was okay-I promised there would be no names, and no one would know (unless they told them) and told them to let me know if they didn't want their paragraph up there-they were all okay with it!)

While we were critiquing, for every thing that needed improving, I made sure that there was something that they did well (and I made a big deal about it!)
After we critiqued the work (we only did about half of what I picked-the rest we saved for another lesson!), I sent them back to 'tweak' their paragraphs. While I was flipping through, I noticed that their paragraphs were fairly good, but just needed to tweaking here and there.

I had the take out their pens and add in their tweaks! It definitely made their writing better.

Getting closer to perfection!

Smiles and Sunshine,

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