Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wild Libraries

Ready for some Wild Reading?

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Some wild thoughts:

Currently, my library looks like this.

Except I have two wire shelves filled now! :)
 Most of my books have a sticker on them, which matches the sticker on the bin.
They are mostly sorted by genre, topic or author-NOT but lexile level, guided reading level or grade level equivalent.

To help me remember which stickers go with with genre, topic or author, I have all the stickers with their labels on a HUGE index card.

So far, this system works pretty well. It easily allows me to reclassify books as needed (like if one topic gets too big, and I can divide it into different subtopics-which I did with American History! I split it into American History and War History. And Nonfiction Animals! I split that into Animals and Ocean Animals.)

Inside some of the covers, I have the Guided Reading Level and Grade Level Equivalent. (We use Guided Reading Levels in our small groups)
I have been using Scholastic Book Wizard, but lately,  they've only had one or two books in their database out of a stack, (which I totally don't get, because I buy almost all my books from them. If they sell them, why aren't they in the database?)

I don't force my kids to read within a certain band-but they have the information if they want it!

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  1. That drives me crazy with book levelers! So many don't have Scholastic published books! I don't have my books separated by level either! :) My books don't go home with me either. I have over 2000. So that would be a haul!

  2. I love your sticker organization, I found this post the other day then forgot to save it! I just found it again and plan to try the stickers this year as I sit here, yet again sorting my books. I"m switching grades this year and schools so I'm a little nervous about reading levels but am going to just start out with everything and go from there. Thanks for sharing!


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