Saturday, September 27, 2014

Five for Fraturday

Happy Saturday! We've done some pretty cool things the last few weeks-check them out!

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We've spent some time working on subtracting big numbers-using place value chips to help us!

And some writing on the table-which the kids flipped over!

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Open House was coming, so we wrote biopoems about ourselves. Some of them cracked me up!

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We've been working on State Symbols-using our awesome state text book to fill out a foldable (which I made wrong-I meant to have it like french doors, but I didn't make the middle big enough-teacher fail!)

To finish up, I had them make their own state symbol! They could replace an existing one or make up their own-but it had to represent our state and they had to explain why. These were also on their desks for Open House. 

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We had Open House.

 I had 13 out of 16 families show up-pretty good turnout! We don't do presentations-it just for the kids to show off what they've been doing. Some kids that are super quiet in class were definite chatterboxes with their parents!
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I went a little crafty crazy, and bought some painting supplies so I can paint at home-I find it helps me relax!

I'm hoping to start this weekend-depends on how lazy I'm being! I already have ideas for 8 in my head!

Smiles and Sunshine,


  1. My kids love writing on the tables too! Have fun with your art supplies, that looks like a great collection to have fun with!

  2. Hi! I like your idea of the subtraction with the chips. Can you give a little more info on how you do this? Thanks so much!

    A LoveLi Class


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