Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Reading Block Kick Off

We kicked off our reading block with a bang this year!

We started off with my favorite activity, writing a reader response!

We started off by reading Skippyjon Jones, and then moved onto the response portion of the day.

This year though, I taught them to answer using ACE-I want them to get it right from the very beginning!

We worked on our response together.
I kept asking if we were done-most of the time they said no!

I sent them off to work on their own and most of them did pretty well!

After school, I turned what I had on the board into our first reading anchor chart!
And into a notebook entry!

They did a pretty decent job for the first time...of course, we'll continue to practice this!

The next day, we spend a lot of time setting up our reader response section of our notebook.

We are doing attempting the 40 book challenge this year, as well as weekly responses.

We had a lot of notebook entries to set it up!

Interested in the NB entries? You can go here for a freebie!

After we FINALLY finished putting everything in, I wanted to do Young Teacher Love's comprehension lesson.

I started out by just putting the word on the board, and we created a web of what they thought of the word when they heard it.
Ok-not too bad...

I also did one for schema-a word a use a lot!
This one was pretty funny! :)

After we finished brainstorm, I explained what each meant.

I started with schema, since you have to use your schema to help you comprehend!
Then we moved onto comprehension.
We talked about how just knowing the words wasn't enough (see green sentence), that what we were reading also had to make sense (dark pink sentence). Only when it made sense we could work on comprehending it.

Of course, it wouldn't be a lesson without an anchor chart!

As we learn different comprehension strategies, we'll add them to the bottom of our poster!

Next up, we are going to try literacy rotations-if I can manage to squeeze down the lesson-I forgot how long it takes with a new group!

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  1. Love the idea that they start off doing things correctly! We've been practicing similar things in our workshop! Today, we learned how to write a proper summary in our own words using the text for support.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas! Glad I stumbled upon your blog on Jivey's linky!

    My Shoe String Life


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