Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Taming Test Anxiety ~ A Review

Since it is testing season, and even though we've finished our state required tests, we still have one more session of MAPS and NECAP Science to go, I though I would share some test anxiety resources.

*I did receive these materials free from Counseling With Heart in exchange for an honest review and post*

We started off by reading Mathsketball, which is a story about test anxiety.

It came as a power point, so I projected onto the SMART Board. The kids really enjoyed the story-and some of them could relate.

They loved the 'mathsketball' aspect of it-combining a subject with a sport.

I do wish that it had come pre-recorded, I had to read it off the power point. I think the kids would have enjoyed hearing a voice other than mine :)

With Mathsketball  came an accompanying packet that went over some of the things in the story, and had the students thinking about what made them anxious, as well as fun activities like creating a new game for studying.

We also talked about different parts of the booklet, and had a discussion of what test anxiety was.

With Conquering Test Anxiety, the students were given a packet that asked them to think about their reactions to certain things. There were a ton to choose from-I only picked a few to share!

I really enjoyed this one as it gave me some insight into my students that I wouldn't normally have.

I think both of these activities worked will in my classroom. They were interesting to my students (who are 9 and 10), and got them to think about school and the things they do a little more. It also gave them some tools to use when they were feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

To see this and other resources that deal with some of the difficult topics, head over to Counseling with Heart!

Smiles and Sunshine,

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