Monday, April 13, 2015

The One iPad Class ~ Standards

Today I'm going to focus on those pesky standards apps.

Of course, the first one and the biggie is the

Image result for mastery connect apps {FREE} Common Core App by Mastery Connect.

I love how I have access to ALL the standards-I can jump down to 3rd to see what they should have learned, or jump up to 5th to see what they'll be focusing on.
I do wish there was a way to see the vertical alignment a little better, and that I didn't necessarily have to click on the standard to view the whole thing, but I have found this very helpful.

If you don't have the common core-not to worry!

Image result for mastery connect apps {FREE} Mastery Connect also has your state standards up and ready to go! (and yes, I checked-all 51 states (w/DC) are there!)
I especially like this one because I can pull up the social studies and science standards that are relevant to my state.

This one is better organized-by grade-but once you get into your grade, its just a loooong list of standards-not separated out by domains.

And, if you're like my state and in the process of adopting these, you can also get the
Image result for mastery connect apps {FREE} Next Gen Science Standards as well!

We're still working out the kinks if we are going to fully align (at least my district is-the state left it up to the districts to decide if we would follow), but it comes in handy!  {FREE App/$25 Subscription} Track CC is an app that I found very recently.

One of my favorite thing about it is that you can have the "I Can" statements right underneath the standard-makes it easier to understand!

It also allows to sign up for a teacher account (free for 30 days, $25 subscription) to track your students progress towards the standards.

You can view by student

Or by standard.

I haven't tried out the assessment feature yet-I'll wait until next year before trying that out and deciding if it is worth the $25.  But I've gotten plenty of use out of the standards and I Can statements! Right now, it's only available on the App Store, but they are making plans for Google Play.

Between these four, I have all I need to make sure my planning goes smoothly!

Smiles and Sunshine,

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