Wednesday, September 2, 2015

'15~'16 Classroom

Welcome to my 2015-2016 Classroom!

Let's take a tour, shall we? :)

We'll start right outside my door.
I change my garlands for the month/season :)
 To the left-the 'command center'-mailboxes, attendance/lunch count.
To the right-storage for me, exit ticket poster (our classroom rules and hopes and dreams will go above it), classroom jobs and our goals for the next two weeks.
Around the backside of the 'command center'-our library! The empty bulletin boards will hold our reading and writing anchor charts.
On our whiteboard, I have our daily schedule, as well as show how you know signs. Think Marks will also go up on here.

Then our small group area.
I have comprehension art from the Brown Bag Teacher, as well as I can standards (from me :)
Where I have teacher storage for small group, and the rest of my book bins underneath out writing charts.
 Next to that, I have another table for students to work at, with our grading posters and the mathematical standards on it.
Then our vocabulary section.
and my desk, which is a bit of a mess right now
My area
And our whole group meeting place
We can juuuust fit everyone in a circle-like shape :)
And the part of my room that isn't quite done-my shelves! (Although it's mostly done and the parts are in, so hopefully it will be fixed soon :)
The broken section
My binder section :)
Mentor Texts and Guided Reading Book section
A small display
And the Science and Math stuff that should be on the shelves :)

Close up of my awesome bins and toolkits :)

That's my room!

It's a little crowded with 22 desks in there, but so far we are having a blast, and I'm excited for the new year! They've been pretty amazing so far :)

Smiles and Sunshine,


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