Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Math Toolkits~Fraction & Measurement

As I was looking at the mess that has become my shelves (again! Although it's not as bad when I first started :), I realized that there had to be a better way to store all of these manipulatives.

For new friends, I have at least 3 complete sets of some things-one that was already in the room, one from the Go Math! pilot from last year, and one from our new Math in Focus program this year!

As I was pulling down and rearrange the manipulatives to get what I needed for our game, a lightbulb went off!

Why don't I create topic specific math toolkits that have everything they need?

That way, the kids could easily grab what they needed (after they're labeled :), and it would take up less space and look neater/nicer.

Insert storage!

I did buy these with a gift card-if I hadn't had one, it would have been a much longer process getting what I need. As it is, I still need about 16 more smaller ones and 10 larger ones.

(I got these from Target online-but they are Sterilite containers, so you can get them anywhere (Target does place a limit on how many you can order at a time-and don't buy the bundle! It's about $3 cheaper to buy them individually than the bundle they have online)

Once I had unpacked them all, I lined them all up and pulled down the manipulatives I wanted to put in them.

I started by making a set of fraction toolkits and measurement toolkits.
Now, my goal was to make these for pairs, so I put two sets of everything in the bins.

I started with my fraction stuff!

First, I put two sets of fractions circles in.
Then two sets of fraction bars.
And one fraction square set.
Some kits also have an extra fraction circle set-in foam!

They look so pretty!
I emptied about two containers!

Next up were the measurement toolkits!
I first put in the packet from Math in Focus, which had a ruler, a drawing triangle, and a protractor.
Then I put in a couple different sizes of protractors (and I still have so many more!)

Then, since we sometimes do nonstandard measurement, I added two lengths of unifix cubes (10 cubes a length) as well as measuring tapes.
I also added a safety compass (with instructions) to each kit-only 1, since I didn't have enough for doubles.

Nice and neat!
I mean, look at those beauties!
I had an extra container, so I made another fraction kit. Target only lets you buy 20 at a time :)
And on the shelves?! Perfection!
So pretty-even without labels!

My goal is to have between 12-14 sets for each topic-that way, I'll have 24-28 sets ready (I'm putting 2 sets in each kit). I'll be getting one or two containers each time I go to Target (or I'll order them online again-if I get another gift card!), so it will be a slower process.

Once they're labeled (and organized a little more), the kids will be able to grab them when they need them, and I can spend way less time looking for what I need.

I can't wait for the finished product!

Smiles and Sunshine,

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  1. Great idea!! I love how you organized the toolkit a by topic. Smart!


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