Thursday, June 4, 2015

Learn Like a Pirate~Chapter 1

It seems fitting that my 500th blog post is about a book study!

I'm joining with The Primary Gal for her Learn Like a Pirate study!
Chapter 1 is all about the definition of a Student-Led Classroom.
As I was thinking about it, I realized that I try and include my students in the decisions we make-but I could probably be doing so much more!

I want my students to be truly independent problem-solvers, and thinkers, without having to rely on me for every decision.

This is something I think everyone needs to work on-to often, my students give up too easily, without wanting to put in the hard work and persevere! This is something we will definitely be working on next year!

I still have some concerns-as most teachers, I do like being in control-and I do think that there are some things that the teacher needs to have the final say in-but that's the next chapter!

This was my big takeaway from this chapter-and I agree wholeheartedly! If we don't have this, our classrooms can't run effectively-no matter what we do!
Even if you aren't on board with having a student-led classroom, this is something that I feel is non-negotiable as a teacher.

We're there to create a safe environment for our kids-and they need to feel this! This is something that every teacher should be on board with. It definitely helps your classroom run more smoothly when they do!

What are your thoughts on a student-led classroom?

Smiles and Sunshine,


  1. I really enjoyed reading your post Kaitlyn! Please forgive my re-post of a comment I just made on another blog, but it seems to apply... :)

    It seems as though many of us (teachers) are control-freaks! And I include myself in that group too! The funny thing is, the more control I give my students, the more I feel in control. Now that may sound strange, but the reality is that when you have 25 students with all the power, everything seems to get done when you want it and how you want it, the only change is that you aren't doing everything!!! Since fewer "balls get dropped," I feel so much more in control than when I did everything and could never keep up! I absolutely LOVE my student-led classroom!!!

    I look forward to your future posts! :)

  2. Woohoo, 500th blog post! Go, Kaitlyn! I'm in the same boat with you on so many levels. I can't wait to see where this book study takes us and our classrooms. :)

  3. It is very uplifting to see the students excel and develop when they are in charge. I love seeing their growth throughout the year. I also have a hard time giving up control though. :)


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