Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Reflect & Refresh ~ Part 1

As I was scrolling through my Insta-feed, I found this awesome linky from Mrs. D's Corner and Terrific Teaching and Learning!

It's all about reflecting on our school year-and the second part will be about refreshing our teaching for the new year!


I've been sending home monthly newsletters to the parents (the kids also write in their agendas about the important things) to help keep the parents informed!

I also started out really strong writing positive notes in their agendas for 2-3 kids a week-but it petered out in November/December. I really want to get back to that-maybe maybe make some sort of schedule for me to follow! (This year I had 16 kids-next year will be 22ish! I think I'll definitely need a schedule to keep me on track!)

Organization/Classroom Management

Once I got my iPad, I've bee using Evernote to help me track observations-it's come in very handy! (Especially when I have meetings about kiddos or when they switch classes).

I also started using GoNoodle for brain breaks-my 4ths even like to see the champions grow and think the dances are cool. :)

I've had a clip chart for a few years, but this year I really started focusing on the positive side of it. I hope to keep it working next year!


We got a new math program this year, and while I survived and the kids ROCKED their Math MAPs,  I didn't feel that I was meeting the needs of all my kiddos. I have some thoughts on how to change that!

I also want to use entrance and exit slips better-they're a great way to get quick info about the kids knowledge. You could use Plickers for this, paper slips or post-its!

Summer Project

This summer I'll be spending a lot of quality time with our math program! From mapping out lessons, I'll be creating entrance and exit slips for each lesson, as well as task cards and videos (I hope!)

I'll also be creating some quick checks for each chapter that can be used as a pre and post assessment.

This will hopefully help me run a much smoother math block!

I also want to tackle my manipulative storage again and reorganize the storage in my room. It's starting to look messy again!

It started like this 3 years ago...
and ended like this...

It's definitely not as messy as the first picture, but it's not longer as nice and neat as the second and third! Time to start purging and reorganizing!

Smiles and Sunshine,



  1. I've heard about Evernote many times but have never actually looked into it... I think I might now after reading your post. You're not the only one with that problem with manipulatives, I'm the same- they start the year off very organized but by March/April it's not so much haha! Thanks for linking up!

    PS (check your Evernote link-I think it's going to GoNoodle.) :)

    Terrific Teaching and Learning

  2. I am envious of all of your storage cupboard space, and LOVE all of the color-coordinated baskets and bins, Kaitlyn! I just bought myself and iPad and have vowed to learn how to use Plickers and Evernote this summer! I must improve my tech savvy level!
    Happy Summer!
    Stories and Songs in Second


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