Friday, June 19, 2015

Five for Friday

Today is the LAST day of school (with kids!) :D


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We started the week of with a bang-when my shelves FELL off the wall!

They may quite a mess-and fortunately no one was hurt-although it just missed me and a few students! (I was right in front of my computer-the red chair-and it just fell at my feet).

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We also received a new student-the very next day!

Needless to say, Jack (as my kids named him in the 5 minutes we had him), was quickly relocated outside. Although he did get quickly run over! (I didn't tell the kids that part!)
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My student was able to come in for field day! Which was perfect because our field day shirts this year were orange (for leukemia awareness), and we were all also wearing stickers that they designed!

Our field day is only a half day (the morning), so we spent the afternoon watching The Wizard of Oz and eating ice cream. :)

My student wasn't able to do most of the games, but we were all so happy to have them back and be together (mostly-1 was absent (and has been for a little while-the family was even declared missing for a little bit (but were found in another state a day later) because the mom didn't let anyone know they were's been an interesting few weeks!) as a class.

Field day also marks the annual wearing of the sneakers-which are older than some of my kids!

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We went on a field trip to an old time fort that's been reconstructed to the time before the French and Indian War (1750sish). The kids had such a great time, and it was the perfect way to end our year and our last full day!

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Only 3 days of PD, and I'm free! :D

Smiles and Sunshine,


  1. Oh no! Talk about a shelf disaster. You have had quite a week. Summer will feel so good! Almost there!

  2. HAPPY SUMMER!! Maybe the shelves falling off was a sign that your summer needed to start ;)

  3. Oh my goodness the shelfs are definitely a sign of Summer!!! You are almost done! :)
    Magically in First


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