Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday Made It

Happy Monday Made It!
 For my first made-it, I did some home decor!

I've been making flowers for my mother's day gift, and I had made one a little too big. This turned into inspiration for a wreath for my door!

I also updated my door decor for the classroom as well!

I've been making little things to cheer up my student (who was back in the hospital early in the month last month with the flu-and on a 10th birthday :( We made a class video to help cheer up! My student was sent home after about a week looking better.)

There was mention of a HUGE snake from the gift shop the first time I visited-I thought this would be more appropriate! :)

It was suggested that I make this for the class-since we have an under the sea 'theme'

I also did another two paintings-which I LOVE! They're going to go in my bedroom.

I also made my mother's day gift.

Smiles and Sunshine,



  1. Gee, you knit, paint,what else? I am not talented in those areas. Sorry you had a student in the hospital. But you are off to a great summer.

  2. Those flowers and knitted pieces are awesome!

    The paintings are AMAZING.

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings


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