Sunday, March 29, 2015

The One iPad Class ~ Notetaking Apps

I recently bought an iPad (for mostly work use-and some play!), and have been discovering apps that I can use as a one iPad class.

I thought I would share the apps that I use and how they make my life easier! 

These apps will be mostly for teacher use only. They will also be mostly free, and those that I've paid for will not be too expensive-with the exception of one or two after I've tried out their free versions! :)

First up:

Image result for evernote   Evernote {FREE} Evernote has taken the place of my anecdotal note binders-it's all here in one cool app.

You can have as many notebooks as you want, and even nest notebooks together (so they're all in the same section).
I have notebooks for all my students, as well as notebooks for PD I've attended, and books I've read.

Using it for my students, I love that you can take a note, and add a picture!
This is helpful to see what their work looked like, as well as why you made that observation.

Diary of a Note So Wimpy Teacher has a great post on Evernote as well (and a free guide!).
Purely Paperless has a section here.

Next up is:
Image result for kustomnote KustomNote {FREE} KustomNote works with Evernote. You can create templates in KustomNote , take your note, and then select which notebook it will go in for Evernote.

You can find templates on their website, or create your own.
Once you have a template, you can select it and add a new note.
Fill in the fields, and choose which notebook to go into!

I will say that they have recently done an overhaul of the app-it was way glitchy before, and I had a lot of problems with it. However, with the new overhaul, I haven't had any of the same problems, and it is much smoother and easier to use.

EDITED: KustomNote is now Transpose. I haven't had time to use Transpose, but it looks like it is the same concept, just a different name.

Last but not least,
Image result for confer app{$$$-$24.99} I would HIGHLY recommend trying out Confer Lite (their free version) before jumping into the pool to purchase this one.

I use this mostly for my reading groups, although you can use it in the general classroom as well.

(Although, I prefer Evernote for general class notes. I think Confer works better as a small group notetaker)

You can set up groups by subject.
And add students to each group.

I like this one because not only can I take notes and add pictures like Evernote, but I can also add teaching points, strengths,  and next steps.
It also saves previous teaching points, strengths and next steps, so you don't have to keep retyping the same thing.

It helps me narrow down which students need what help.

Laugh Eat Learn has a great post on Confer. As well as some app suggestions!

Those are the three main apps I use to take notes in my class-and it really has streamlined my process! I've also found that I am taking more notes on the kids than I did before-it's just so much easier now.

Stay tuned for the next installment!

Smiles and Sunshine,

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