Monday, March 16, 2015

Close Reading Workshops

This year, one of my professional development goals was to learn more about comprehension strategies and close reading.

So far, I've attended two workshops, as well as reading a variety of blog posts (though I don't think those count for PD credit!), and some books.

The first workshop was very technical and very much focused on the components of a close reading lesson, without much practice. No lie, it was a little boring-and overwhelming.

The one I went to earlier this month was more focused on us doing close reading lessons and experiencing close reading. I also attended this one with two coworkers. I felt that I had learned more at this one-and am better able to do it with my kids now.
It was a BER workshop, so you can check to see if it is coming to your area-I recommend going if it is!

I also got some validation during this one-which was nice after a difficult few days.

Here are some of my notes-although Mini got a bit of a workout too~I did an interesting mix of tech and paper :) (I have an Evernote Notebook created with the workshop info-if you would like it, please send me an email-I can share it with you!)

It was super interesting, and I've been applying some of the easy to use strategies in my class (the next day!).

She also recommended some books, which I just had to pick up!
Baloney is by Jon Scieszka-the camera cut it off
Of course, strange things happen when you are ordering from Amazon, and books mysterious appear in your cart :)
The top two are new Mentor Texts, and First Day Jitters is a replacement-with all my moving, my original got lost somehow!

I'm thinking of making a close reading binder this summer, using the resources I've found from my two workshops, blog posts, and Pinterest. That way I can have everything in one place! :)

Smiles and Sunshine,

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