Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday Made It

These first weeks of school have been crazy busy! I have a great class, but they're also the biggest class I've had so far!

We've been so busy that I haven't really taken any pictures of what we've done-I need to remember better!

Glad it's time for Monday Made It! :) I've done a lot of made its, so some of them have been grouped together-prepare for some pictures!

First and most important-my shelves finally got fixed!! :)
Aren't they beautiful!

On those pretty shelves, I have my gorgeous storage which is all labeled :)

In the spirit of organization, I also redid my lunch count/attendance, as I was finding it hard to read the numbers, and I thought it could be neater and more streamlined.

I used square glass tiles (I got them off of Amazon), and I created little Melonheadz (truly headz-LOL! :)), and slapped a magnet on the back.
I have had some shatter (the kids must of dropped them just right!) but the glass did all stay on the cardstock-I was able to peel the cardstock away and glue on a new tile.

It's so much easier to read now! :)

My next, most super important made it is that I finished the hardest part of the supplements I've been making for our math program!

I've been calling them my babies :) (You can read more about them here and here)

I've also been making up some task cards to go along with the lessons-and having fun making them!

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I've been making them as I go, they're a major part of my math block this year. I think that the kids have been enjoying them as well!
Note: No TPT shop, so not for sale
I also did up some fun little gifts for my teamies for back to school.

I also have a coworker who is expecting (gender unknown), so I've been working on a blanket for her as well!
I've still got some ways to go, but I hope she likes it!
Next up, I took two wonderful products and made them into little books for the kids! (From The Brown Bag Teacher and Tales of a Tenacious Teacher)

I hung them under our writing chart for easy to grab access.
Lastly, I did two new garlands for my door!

My kids love squeezing the pencil and the apples :)

For my October garland, I wanted it to been fun, so I started with these babies.
Aren't they cute?!

They turned out great on the garland with my other October elements!
I also made a new wreath for my door at home-I love how it turned out!

Have a great week!

Smiles and Sunshine,



  1. Love the little glass picture tiles!

  2. Love the "bucketful" of fun ! Where did you get those little containers holding the paperclips?

  3. have been busy! Your garlands are very cute!

  4. Your lunch counter is very cute! We don't do those anymore. It made attendance so easy too.

  5. I am absolutely in love with your wreath! I'm new to crotchet myself and have just learned how to do a v-stitch baby blanket while dipping my toe in loom knitting when I have time. Your wreath makes me want to search YouTube for a tutorial. I love all the crotchet elements in your room.
    4th Grade Dynamic Duo


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