Tuesday, October 20, 2015

What's Happening

Well, hello teaching peeps!

(As I write the title, I'm hearing Tacky the Penguin in my head! :P )

I've still not doing a great job at taking pictures of what's going on in my classroom-these kids are keeping me busy!

I'm also modeling a lot of my instruction off of what I did last year (when I kind of rewrote the language arts program), with some minor changes here and there-so check out 2014 posts if you're interested!

I've feeling much more comfortable with our math program-and we are definitely moving quicker (I think) than we did last year (our first year with the program), or the previous year (a pilot year), and I love that I have the quick checks and exit slips to help me out! I'm also in love with doing centers-but want to refine the management of it a little bit.

I also have a Methods student this semester (the step right before student teaching at a local college), and she is fabulous! She's done some pretty cool lessons, and it's great having an extra set of hands a few days week. I'm going to miss her when she's gone!

We have a whole new administration (superintendent and principal as well as a new behavior specialist), and while change is often frightening, I think this was a much needed change, and I'm a lot happier coming into work! I feel so much more comfortable going to my admin about things, and our new behavior specialist is actually being helpful with behavior! (a change from our previous specialist, who wasn't all that helpful or proactive).

My first mini observation (we moved to mini observations of about 10-15 minutes-we need 4 a year) has come and gone, and it went very well. My admin and I had a great conversation about it, and the reasons I do some of the things I do-it was great to have such a conversation with someone who respects your professional judgement!

We've been learning lots in 4th grade, and trying out different seating combos (and will continue to try new ones until we have a perfect 'fit'), and time seems to be rushing by! Parent-teacher conferences are in 2 weeks, and I can't believe how close it is! Soon it will be Christmas!

I hope you are enjoying your kiddos like I'm enjoying mine!

Smiles and Sunshine,

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