Thursday, September 20, 2012

Blown Away, Task Cards and Outfits

Yesterday was a really good day. My kids are almost fully independent through their rotations (except for some focusing issues :) I'm all set to start Guided Reading groups on Monday, especially now that I have most of the data! (Still waiting for some...but I have enough to start with.) I actually just set up my GR Binder (which I'll show y'all at a later time).

One of our Special Ed teachers also came in see how I was doing, introduce herself, familiarize herself with my room (she is going to take my lowest reading group, since half of them are identified and her kids :). She was looking around, and she saw the task cards that I had made and started asking me about it. She was super impressed!  : D

She was asking me how I made them, and I told her that I used Powerpoint, and if she ever wanted to make worksheets, she should use Powerpoint....and then she asked if I would be interested in giving a WORKSHOP! Holy guacamole batman! I said I would be interested, but was unsure if I could fill an entire hour. I was also blown away because, as y'all know, this is my first year at this school...and we've only been in school for 15 days! She told me that she felt that she could learn a lot from me this year...People, this is a teacher who has been teaching for awhile and she felt that she could learn from me! Blown Away!!

Here are the task cards that I made...they are numbered so all I have to write is the task card number on the board. Some of them will stay from week to week (the earlier numbers) and the back half will change each week based on the LBD series instructions for that week/theme. The fonts are Janda fonts from Kimberly Geswein and Gingersnap Handwriting from Gingersnap's Treats for Teachers. The graphics are Melonheadz Illustrating, and the frames are all freebies from a variety of people (who I don't remember so can't credit :(  (actually, almost everything I use is a freebie! :)

We do EEKK Reading (elbow elbow knee knee) instead of Read to Someone
And now, my outfits from yesterday and today :)

 I had the gray sweater on for part of the day...but got too hot and took it off.
Gray Sweater and Pants: JC Penny
Shirt: Marshall's
Tank: Old Navy
Shoes: Payless


Shirt & Pants: JC Penny
Tank: Target
Shoes: DSW

Have a wonderful Friday!

Smiles and Sunshine,

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