Wednesday, September 5, 2012


So, I was going to show you all the cool things we have been doing (with anchor charts, foldables, etc.) but I kind of forgot to take pictures of the fun stuff! (Mostly due to the PLC meeting yesterday, the staff meeting today, and the PLC meeting tomorrow morning :)

Hopefully, I'll remember at some point tomorrow and you can see all the beautifulness then ;) But, I did remember to take a picture of my outfit!

Sweater: Maurices
White Shirt: Kohls
White Tank & Skirt: Target
Shoes: Famous Footwear

Now, normally I'm a lot more colorful than this (not  that way...the way I dress, silly!) but I like the simpleness of this outfit. Just by changing the sweater and the shoes I could have a different outfit, or feature different colors (and yes, I have pink shoes to go with pink outfits...not to match (Stacy and Clinton say not to match...but it has to go).

So, to recap a randomish and educational things happening at school. Pictures to come. Lots of meetings. Simple outfit day. Colors don't need to match, they need to go. Only 2 days until weekend.


Smiles and Sunshine,

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