Saturday, September 8, 2012

You Won't Want to Miss This...

Happy Weekend Bloggy Buds!

I have a treat for you! On this post, I had on a shirt from Kohl's. I had an email in my box today, very nicely asking if I could just link the shirt to the Kohl's page. I had no problem with that...after all, I like shopping there :) (too bad the nearest one is now an hour and a half away :( .

The very nice lady that emailed me also offered me a treat (which she said I could share with you :)...10% off at  (which can also be used with another code...if I understood right) until October 24th.

Bloggy Buds, since we're such good friends and all...I am sharing the code with you! The code is:


I hope that you can find this useful!

I also have a freebie for you! On this post, I showed you a notebook entry for our Reader's Notebook, that had a Making Connections foldable. Well, I fiddled with it a little, and  I have had some interest in it, so I am going to share it with you! Click here (or on the picture) to access the foldable (I changed the boxes size so they shouldn't overlap as much (if at all))

Now, yesterday was a fairly good day in 4th grade. We did a district Math test, read a Scholastic News, did some reading, and our first Reader's Response for our Writing Journals (which I decided would mostly hold their Reading Responses...they have a freewrite section in their binders for other things).  I had two prompts for them (Tell me three connections to the story and what type of connections and favorite part and why). Some of them did an excellent job for their first entry. Some of them didn't. We'll work on that :) It took us a long time (we didn't get time to build our stamina today...they were disappointed!), but I told them with practice they would get quicker and better.

On to the important things...what I wore :)

Shirt: JC Penny
Skirt: Fashion Bug (which is sadly going out of business)
Shoes: Endless

So, I hope y'all have enjoyed my treats :) Have a wonderful weekend!

Smiles and Sunshine,
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday


  1. Just found you through Manic Monday, and am now following!

    Math is Elementary

  2. Oh boy! Thanks for the freebie. I know that will come in handy.
    The Teaching Thief


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