Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Best Books for Boys

I'm linking up with Swimming into Second for her Best Books for Boys linky. (I know, I know, two in one day...but I wanted to join before I forgot about it...again)

Mine will be geared a towards the upper grades, and what I've noticed my boys like to read. Click on any of the books to take you to the Amazon page.

First up: Percy Jackson (or anything by Rick Riordan!)

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They all seem to  LOVE this one!

2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid

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I like this one, as it has good readability, but is presented in a good format, with cartoons interspersed throughout the pages

3. Adventure/Sports Books

I love Mike Lupica and Gordon Korman for this- they both have great, high interest books.

4. Big Nate

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The boys love this one...it's not my most favorite. It's a graphic novel, but unlike Wimpy Kid, has more comics/cartoon. I like Wimpy Kid better, because it focuses more on writing. Big Nate focuses more on the comics/cartoons.

5. Non-fiction-War Stories

I have a collection of appropriate non-fiction books about the different wars- and my boys eat them up (not literally--they're a little too old for that! ;)

My boys like non-fiction, and I often see them flipping through my non-fiction bins (I have 5!)

My boys also like the Magic Tree House, The Black Lagoon (the chapter books), and Geronimo Stilton (I have a young class!)

I hope this helps all of you upper grade teachers (and lower grade teachers!) that are looking for some books for boys!

Smiles and Sunshine,

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