Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Catch Up

Hi Peeps!

I finally went to the doctor today and discovered that my plague was a sinus infection...tricky little buggers! I was feeling better...until I went back to work (maybe I'm allergic to kids? ;). The only reason I went? I was wearing one of my super warm sweaters today, and was cold.

My assistant (a para) very kindly lent me an extra (very warm) sweater...and I was still a little chilled.

I normally run a little cold anyway (which means lots of blankets on the bed!! :), but not this cold.

So yesterday and today I basically wore the exact same thing (because it was warm and comfortable), except for a change of colors...I tend to buy in multiples when I find something.

Sweaters: JCPenny
Pants: Kohls
Purple Shoes: Target
Black  Shoes: Amazon

We are finishing up our Explorers unit, and have started playing this game that I came up with. They were so excited when I introduced it today! It was fun to see that much enthusiasm from them (of course, I've been teasing them as the map was in progress...they kept wanting to know what I was doing and I wouldn't tell them!)

I did not get my teacher homework done from the last post (bad teacher), but I have been finding that I haven't been able to concentrate on anything for very long (due to the sick germs in my body). However, I've slowly been working through it at school, and the pile is almost done...although current work has started piling up again!

However, since grades close this Friday, and we just started a new theme, I'm designating most of that work until next quarter, and it can wait until I'm all caught up for grades (and guess what I'll be doing this cards, yay!!)

It's been super cold up here, so stay warm (wherever you are!)

Smiles and Sunshine,

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