Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Made It/Peek at My Week

Happy Monday! (Something you don't hear very often-but I have the day off and got to sleep in-so it truly is a happy Monday!)

Time for Monday Made It!
One of the big things that I made (and finished!) was this blanket.

A closer look at the edge:
I have to say...I'm not in love it it. I liked it when I started, but about halfway through I lost my interest.

One of the only reasons why it's finished is because I only had 1/3 to go, and I refused to start my Super Secret Christmas Project with 4 UFOs (Unfinished Objects).

So as soon as I was done, it got folded up and put in the linen closet for when guests come over-unless I find it a forever home.

Speaking of my Super Secret Christmas's a sneak peek!
Haha! I zoomed like crazy on that shot-and then cropped it even smaller. :) There's a reason it's Super Secret!

I also made a new set of glitter clips to hold up my anchor charts.
This time in blue and green!

I also remade my Inferences anchor chart-which we'll be continuing to practice this week!

Click on the picture to take you to the post where I showed how I teach inferences!
In addition to making inferences, we still have two days of this:
Both Math! 5th grade has 4 days left-they have 2 additional days of writing!

Next year we'll be doing Smarter Balance-so we'll see what happens with that!

Look how complete they are! Do you think I had a good chunk of time to work on them? ;)

Friday's Outfit

Sweater/Jeans: JCP
Shoes: Target

So even though it was kind of warm on Friday-It was cold in the school! I definitely dressed for the in-school weather-since most of the time is spent in there! I can suffer outside for the 20 minutes I spent out there on recess duty..

Enjoy your day! (especially if you have it off!!)

Smiles and Sunshine,


  1. My kids can make inferences with the best of them, they have such a hard time putting the process into words. It is the most complex simple process out there! So I totally love the blanket! I can't do that type of thing any more. My sister in law is good with her hands like that. I only wish! She made an afghan and teddy bear for my daughter to match her room. I still use it in my living room on the back of the recliner! So New England...I am convinced I was born to live there. Is it really as gorgeous as described this time of year? I am following you on bloglovin now! Its always good to have a fellow fourthie to follow :)

  2. What a beautiful blanket! I had made a math inference scenario freebie and I plan on making packets for each grade level, but you know how long things take sometimes : ) Nice to see you on MMI.
    Kids Math Teacher

  3. I always dress for the temperature inside the school. It can be 95 degrees outside in Florida and I'll still wear jeans, shoes, and long sleeves!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

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  5. I am so glad I found another 4th grade blog! I love the name too!
    Rockin Resources

    Rockin Resources Blog


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