Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Workshop Wednesday: Opinion Writing

Time for Workshop Wednesday!

Today we are talking about opinion writing.

Well, first we talk about fact and opinion in our reading-and review what it is.
We also read Scholastic News-which has a question and two kids different opinions in almost every article.

After the students have a good understanding of what an opinion is, we can get started!

I love to ask them questions about books and characters in a story.

One of my favorites ways to incorporate opinion writing is to have them write a book review (and explain their thinking!)

Most of the time, they have an opinion about a book they read!

Another way I like them to write an opinion is to have them write about a character and character trait.

For example, I'm assuming you've all met my favorite friend.

If you haven't....well, meet SkippyJon Jones! (and where have you been?!!)

My favorite question (and this can also be a reader response! ;) to ask the kids is...Do you think SkippyJon Jones is imaginative?

Must of the kids answer yes right off the bat (and then we talk about proving it!), but there is always the possibility that someone could say no.

I think those types of questions are perfect-because there is no right or wrong answer. Plus, it gets a discussion going and I always enjoy that!

What sort of things do you do?

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  1. I do love little Skippy Jon Jones- he'd be happy to know that he kind of reminds me of my little boy dog in his behaviors: frisky and adorable. LOL :-P Thanks for linking up!!

  2. Thanks for the reminder about using Scholastic News - sometimes I forgot about all these great resources. While I do enjoy Skippy sometimes he is hard to read out loud!!

  3. I love SkippyJon! I'm starting opinion writing next week and so I was writing down all your ideas! Thanks for sharing.

    Third Grade Galore


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