Thursday, January 16, 2014

Day Our Way: Smiles and Sunshine

Amelia over at

Where the Wild Things Learn
is having a very fun linky about our days!

This is my day!
 The kids start coming in at 8:25. Depending on the day, I'll have some at Band or Chorus, or pulled for Wilson Work. Plus, kids trickle in (especially those at breakfast!).

For Morning Work, I use:
5-A-Day Common Core Language Review {4th Grade}


Common Core Daily Math for 4th Grade - January Edition

We also do work in our Handwriting Book.

At 9, we start our day. We flip flop between Science and Social Studies.

Right now, we are working on Explorers in Social Studies.
From last year-I have 5 crews this year!
I've introduced our Crew Project-and the kids are really excited!

We switch for Science, so my kids will be learning about weather while I teach Weathering and Erosion, States of Matter to another class.

Around 9:45, we start Math!

I always start out with my calendar:

Common Core-Aligned SMART Board Math Calendar for Grades 4-5
Which is WELL worth the money-even my principal likes it! (He said I had an 'unusual lesson design' in my last eval-because I did calendar first and it reviews all sorts of things!)

Then we move onto the lesson in our books:
Right now, we are learning how to do double-digit multiplication (learning the partial products first!). So far, so good!

Then I sent the kids to specials to run around like a crazy person setting things up for the afternoon :)

After they come back, we work on Mentor Sentences and Spelling.

Following Mentor Sentence fun (which they and I LOVE!), I send them off for lunch and recess!

We don't have lunch duty, and the amount of time we spend at recess duty varies from day to day. Sometimes I only have a 20 minute lunch, sometimes a  30 minute, and sometimes the full 40!

When Lunch/Recess is done, our entire afternoon is spent on Literacy.

We do about a half hour of Whole Group Instruction, before doing three rotations of Small Groups.

I like to pull out the picture books whenever possible, and always use my fun organizers!
Right now, I have three Guided Reading Groups (we share our kids for that!), a Q, R and T!

T is reading Percy Jackson
R is reading a nonfiction Dolphin book and
Q is reading mystery book.

The other students are working on their Literacy Centers
 or finishing their reading group work!

At 2:45 the pick-ups/walkers get ready, and they're dismissed at 2:50.

Bus friends get shoved out the door walked to the gym at 2:55-and we're free!

A very busy day that flies by!

Smiles and Sunshine,

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  1. Your day is jam packed full of greatness! It sounds like you get so much accomplished and I'm sure your kiddos love it :) I love that your kiddos can take band! How awesome :) We structure our guided reading groups very similar! :) Thanks for linking up! I love following you and keeping up with your days!



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