Monday, January 20, 2014


We've recently starting to learn about synthesizing information and how it can make you a better reader.

A very tricky skill, and, in my opinion, introduced too soon in the series (I mean, it comes before monitoring understanding and questioning!).

But we seem to be doing a little better this year, probably because I've taught it before, and my desire to have the kids practice the skill in partners with picture books before we ever get to grade level reading!

I started off by introducing the skill and explaining what it means (sometimes a little tricky when I don't completely understand it myself!).

We created an anchor chart together and talk about how each time you read, you get more schema and understanding about a topic-what synthesizing is!

The first day, I had them work in partners with a set of picture books (Normally I would have them work alone, but because of the trickiness, I started them out in partners).

They use an organizer that I created (of course! ;), and went through the steps.

The next day, I had them work in partners with a set of nonfiction books. I had them read it together, but some partners choose to do the organizer alone. Their synthesis sheets turned out much better with the nonfiction books!

Now, we were finally ready for grade level reading and independent work! They have been doing much better than last year's class, and I hope this tricky skill has become easier for them!

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  1. That is a tricky skill! I love your anchor chart - and it's such a great idea to have them practice with a variety of picture books, both fiction and non-fiction. I hope this class "gets it" quickly :)
    Joy in the Journey


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