Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Workshop Wednesday: Historical Fiction

Happy Wednesday!

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This week we are talking about using Historical Fiction in our Reading block!

Well, I have a TON of American History, World History, Biographies and Historical Fiction books in my library-free for the kids to pick from! (This group really likes biographies-they've been going through them like crazy!) (Plus, I love history as well-I just can't resist! ;)

Our wonderful, awesome, amazing literacy series (can you sense the sarcasm?) alternates every other unit (2 themes per unit) with a Social Studies one (the other one is Science-those are way more cool and interesting!).

We have:
American Journeys (all about immigration and the American Dream)
 and Across the USA (about the different regions and how the land affects them)
as well as The Early Americas (the Native Americans and the Explorers) and Buyers and Sellers (economics, yay!).

However, I like to throw in a Scholastic News now and again, as well as an article about a topic we're studying (see yesterday's post for information!)

Right now, we are working on an Explorer project-where each student picked an explorer and is researching them. They'll have to create a powerpoint to go along with it-I think they like that part the most!

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