Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Notebook Evolution ~ Reading

I've talked before about my reading notebooks, but they went through an evolution just like all the others!

The first year, we had composition books.  I switched to a 3-subject notebook for subsequent years.
In year 1, I made an attempt to have foldables and information.

We wound up using the notebooks for reading responses-which I didn't have very well organized or really graded.

I feel bad for that class-I was experimenting with different things, and not all of them worked out. My style has definitely changed in just a few years (both literally and figuratively! I used to wear higher heels when teaching-now it's super low heels (like less than an inch), flats, and on rare occasions-wedges. I've embraced my shortness :)

The next year is when the revelation occurred. I discovered Nicole Shelby's Reading Notebooks!

That's all I used for reading.

This year, year 3, I've started adding in some of my own things, and having the students do examples as well.
I still use her notebooks as a base, but I'll change up the writing, or add in another page, or example for practice.
Inspired by the blizzard that started it all this winter:)
Nicole Shelby on the right-me on the left!
I'm excited to see how my notebooks will evolve next year!

That's one of my favorite things about teaching-we're always looking for ways to be better, to change it up and to make it more meaningful. Every day, every year is different!

I hope you've enjoyed seeing how my notebooks have evolved-it was very interesting to me to lok back and see how they've changed!

Smiles and Sunshine,

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