Wednesday, May 6, 2015


We finished up playing with squares and rectangles last week, and I had one of the lightbulb moments myself (of course, it happened right before the lesson, so while the kids were finishing up work I quickly prepped :)

We had started out the day before by making a quadrilateral tree and doing some math notebook stations (this also gave me a great idea on who had it and who didn't-since I was available to float)
I pull most of my math notebook entries from here.

The next day (my brilliant idea :), I cut out shapes and we wrote the properties of each one on it!
I color coded the different quadrilateral so we could tell the shapes apart.

We're storing them in our notebook with a half an envelope (I sealed it and then cut it down the middle-instant pocket! Plus, it saves on envelopes.)

Then, I sent them off to do an activity in their math book with partners.
This is the teacher edition-they don't get to have the answers :)
I loved seeing how they organized their information!
It was so cool to see how different groups worked it out together.

Plus, they all did a super job on this standard-and a fun resource to check when they forget!

Smiles and Sunshine,

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