Monday, May 4, 2015

The One iPad Class ~ Library Apps

I've discovered a few apps that have helped make my library life easier.
Now, I'm going to start with book leveling, since I don't have students check out books-but I do have some apps for that too! (Fifth in the Middle also has a great post on this)

scholastic book wizard from {FREE} Scholastic Book Wizard (just like the website) lets you scan books and add them into your library.
When it works, it will pull up the book with the different levels and description.
But a lot of times, I get this message instead...
What frustrates me about this is that the majority of the books that I buy are from Scholastic-and not listed in the wizard. 

After I scan (and actually get a book), I add it to my library. When I access it, it looks like
One that I really  like is
Image result for literacy leveler {$3.99} Literacy Leveler. Now, you can get it in a bundle with the classroom checkout app (and save a dollar). I only purchased the leveler, as the kids are free to take and return as many books as they like in my class.

When you scan a book, it looks like this:
If the book is not in the app, then
I have found that the number of books it doesn't know is way less than book wizard-I don't get that message very often.

Usually, I get
Sometimes it will have the DRA and GRL level filled in as well. If I need to add it to my library, I hit the "Add to My Library" in the corner. It will be blue if I need to add it. I do wish that is was bigger or in a better place-sometimes I forget to hit it.

When I access my library, this beauty pops up
I love that I can see the covers of the books.

It's also cool because it has this handy dandy chart built right into the app
This gives me a nice range for things.

One classroom checkout app that I have found is
Image result for booksource app {FREE} BookSource. This is also a web-based service, and you need to sign up through the internet before you download the app.

I use this one mostly to keep track of what books I have.

It scans super easy, and pretty much has every book that I've scanned.
Definitely not all of my library-in fact, these are just the fantasy-myth and fairy tales books I have!
The really cool thing is that I can assign genres, collect information on the condition of the book, students can review it and more-all from when they check the book in and out of the app.
Right now, I'm just starting to sort into genres. A summer project will be to scan all my books-maybe I'll start a checkout system next year (dependent on if I get some class iPads!)

Another app I found was Level It Books {$3.99}. I did not purchase it because it did not have the greatest reviews when I was looking at it, and I figured between the Scholastic Book Wizard and Literacy Leveler (which had better reviews, and that's why I purchased that one), I would be covered for most of my books.

Now I just have to go through all of my old books! :)

Smiles and Sunshine,

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