Monday, July 30, 2012

Advice for the Incoming Class

Stephanie from Teaching in Room 6 has this really cool linky going on for giving advice to new teachers. I know I was a new teacher not too long ago, but I still have some advice to pass onto even newer teachers!

1. Find someone at or near your grade level who you can talk to (a kind of second mentor) if you are not lucky enough to have a mentor at your grade level. They will be an invaluable resource of things to do, how to solve problems, deal with parents, etc.

2. I know it will be hard, because you want to impress, but leave school work at school. If you try to be super teacher and are taking home work every night, or staying late, you will get burned out and teaching will consume your life. Pick one night to stay late and get stuff done. Your kids won't really care if it takes a week or two to get graded papers back...but they'll care if you start to lose patience and not be the fun teacher that you normally are.

3. It's okay when that lesson bombs. Reteach it and move on. It'll actually be a great example to the kids that everyone makes mistakes and that's how you learn.

4. Most importantly, have fun. Learning should be fun! Joke around with your kids, play games (as long as they still respect you and your classroom management is good). They'll enjoy coming to school more knowing they have the super cool teacher :)

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  1. Great advice! Thank you so much for linking up. I appreciate it!

    Teaching in Room 6


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