Saturday, July 14, 2012

Daily 5, Chapter 5

This chapter was all about Listen to Reading and Read to Someone. I love the idea of Listen to Reading, but am wondering how well it will work in the older grades. I have a vast collection of books sets with CD's (Thank you Scholastic!), but they are all on a younger level. I haven't seen any in Scholastic for the upper grades, so I am wondering how to run this. Thoughts? Suggestions?

I love the Read to Someone, we did this a lot this year in my class. However, I didn't really set guidelines down, which I really want to do this year. I love EEKK (Elbow, Elbow, Knee, Knee) as well as haven't the partners sit face to face.

This will take some modeling, but I think that it will be well worth it in the end. Hopefully I can find a way for these two to work for me in Grade 4!

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  1. Hi! I blogged about this today as well. Loving the book study going on. In my 4th grade for Listen to Reading I have them use the CD that came with OCR unit stories (I transferred them to mp3 players) and the kids can listen to the current story or past stories. Amazon has them for pretty cheap, and then I have them share the machine with a partner. As for Read to Someone, I found a checkmark that has questions on it, and I have them reread the weekly story together on Wednesdays, and then they have the option of Read to Someone on Fridays during Read to Self time (since I do it full class.) The checkmarks help and were a free download from some website. It's on my blog -
    Hope this helps. =)

  2. I have two student computers and there are lots of storytelling websites so I think I'm going to use that. Of course that means only two students can do listen to reading at a time. :-/

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